Referred to as Wen (Kana: ウェン) by the Landers, Vinland (Romaji: Vinrando; Kana: ヴィンランド) is the North American server of Elder Tale. It's divided into four territories. Said territories are Kanata, Murica, Nassau, and Nunaat.

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The Five Territories Edit

Dominion of Kanata Edit

The Dominion of Kanata encompasses the territory of Alaska and Canada. Its adventurous city is Ottawa.

Kingdom of Nunaat Edit

The Kingdom of Nunaat encompasses the territory of Greenland. Its adventurous city is Nuuk.

Murican Empire Edit

The Murican Empire encompasses the territory of the United States, sans Alaska and Hawaii. Its adventurous cities are Big Apple , Gotham, and South Angel.

Pirates' Republic of Nassau Edit

The Pirates' Republic of Nassau encompasses the territory of the Caribbean. Its adventurous city is Havana.

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Area 51 Edit

A region of Vinland. Its border is patrolled by a Fourteenth Chivalric Order of the Ancients. However, though the Ancients may not allow anyone to enter it, the Ancients are not there to keep people out. But rather, the Ancients are there to keep a horde of extraterrestrial monsters IN.

Arkham Valley Edit

A non-euclidean region of Vinland which is infested with lovecraftian monsters. Even before Elder Tales shifted from being a game to being a reality, the wonky layout of the area managed to prevent anyone from reaching its final boss. As such, the idenity and powers of its final boss are a mystery to all.

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  • The Pirate's Republic is likely named for the city of Nassau in the Bahammas, which is in turn named for William III & II of England and Scotland, who was a member of the Dutch House of Nassau.

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