The Deep
The Deep
Common Enemies: The Drow, Vampires, Golems, Lizardmen, Mole Men
Area Effect: Darkness
Location: Under North America


The Deep is a large expanse of underground natural and man made tunnels. The deep stretches all around Vinland. As a result you can reach anywhere in Vinland from the Deep. Inside of the Deep there is only one major city, Gotham. Beyond that there are several small fort cities located around the region where people can stay and operate from. However there are no banks in these small fortress. 

All the major enemies in The Deep, well the intelegent ones, have there own city as well. They are often the center of events. 


The Deep was created before the server update. It was suppose to be the Elder Tales version of a hardcore zone.. The goal of the zoan was to give the players a horror zoan to play in. As a result there are powerful monsters and deadly tactics surrounding the entire zoan. The region was noted to be at a higher difficulty.


The Deep is 3.9 Kilometers underground. The land itself is nothing more than thin, sometimes large, tunnels that are interconnected with underground chambers. Every now and then adventures will find wide open areas inside of the mesh of tunnels. These areas are called junction points. These junction points are usually the home of raid bosses or old dwarf forts. The most notorious of these forts is Boatmurder.

Often in the tunnels adventures can find large shafts filled with mushrooms, one of the core foods in the Deep. Here they can find more peaceful creatures that feed on the spores and the predators that feast on them. These are also well sought out places and as a result are hot spots for more powerful monsters.


The Architecture in The Deep is mostly gothics combined with natural rock formations.


Culture in The Deep depends on what race you are staying with. The Drow are a matriarchal society and values treachery. There greatest weakness is infighting, but they make up for it with high stats and expert sneak skills. The Dwarves are hardy people who value family, mead, and strength. They are slow to make friends, but once they do they are a friend for life. The Vampires have a very complex and class base society. Ones class however depends on ones strength level. So in there society might makes right.


Drow - Democracy

Vampires- Monarchy +

Mole Men - Constitutional Monarchy