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"Hey bruh! I did NOT desert in pursuit of a guy! I deserted in pursuit of a HOT guy! Get your facts straight!"

— Siarhei Kovalyuk

Siarhei Kovalyuk (Romaji: Shiaruhei Kobaryaku; Kana: シアルヘイ・コバリャク), the infamous Wen Deserter (Romaji: Wen Dezata; Kana: ウェン・デザた), is a Wolf Fang Deserter-Ancient Lander and a member of a party named the Vinland Strays. In addition, he is the deuteragonist of Quest Giver Stray.

Siarhei is a former member of the Wen Keepers, one of the Thirteen Chivalric Orders. As such, throughout the entirety of Theldesia, he is one of the most powerful Landers alive.

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Desertion from the Wen Keepers Edit

At some point in time, Siarhei was subjected to a near-death experience by a genius named Zagam. During that near-death experience, Siarhei had a vision of an individual. At naught but the sight of the individual, Siarhei could not help but to fall in love with the individual. As a result, Siarhei begun to consider the individual to be his soulmate.

Subsequently, immediately after he miraculously recovered from the mortal wounds that had been inflicted upon him by Zagam, Siarhei deserted from the Wen Keepers and then embarked on a quest to meet his soulmate.

Eventually, after a long and perilous journey throughout the civilizations and wilderness of Vinland, Siarhei just so happened to chance upon 5tray. As soon as he laid his eyes on 5tray, Siarhei was able to recognize 5tray as the individual whom he had envisioned during his near-death experience.

Subsequently, Siarhei did not hesitate to confess his love to 5tray. Needless to say, a bewildered and chagrined 5tray rejected Siarhei's confession. However; because he believed 5tray and him to be soulmates; Siarhei just assumed — without any sort of proof or suggestion — that, over time, 5tray would inevitably begin to requite his love and come around to accepting his confession. So Siarhei requested that 5tray party up with him. A request that 5tray granted. Much to Siarhei's elation.

All Breaker Arc Edit

Not long after, Siarhei and 5tray journeyed to Roanoke in pursuit of the World Glitch. Not long after, alongside 106 other individuals, 5tray and him were stranded on Roanoke by the abrupt and sudden appearance of Hurricane Typhos. Subsequently, at the very beginning Quest Giver Stray, 5tray and him venture into the heart of Roanoke in search of the World Glitch...

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