Shadow Gear is a medium-sized guild in Elder Tale. They are still rather strong despite not being as big as most guilds in the game.


The guild was founded by Tristan and is local to Akihabara. It only had a handful of members when first created, but eventually got more as time passed. They had participated in some big raids and grew quite the reputation. Through all their time together, the guild became like a second family for the members, and it showed. When the Catastrophe happened, not every member was logged on, so some escaped the fate the rest share now.

They are trying their best to help in anyway they can to find a way to reverse what happened.


Despite it being a medium-sized guild, its pretty strong and can hold its own against some of the larger guilds. Most of the core members of the guild are higher than level 80.


Name Rank Class Status
Tristan Guild Master Assassin Active
Millia Co-founder Monk Active
Zane Member Guardian Active
Kanna Member Cleric Active
Kanon Member Samurai Active