Shadow is one of the numerous players who were trapped in the MMORPG known as Elder Tale after the release of its twelfth patch, Homesteading the Noosphere. He is a Human Adventurer of a Sorcerer-Magic Scholar class. He is the guild master of the Spanish guild The Arcana, which he created to aid new and veteran players in their adventures in the Adventurer city of Sevlle. His Overskill is Runic Casting.


His avatar is dark-haired, very tall and slim. He always uses purple and black clothes as he says that they match with his playing style.


Opposing his appearance he is very kind and reliable, as he is always ready to help others no matter what. He also enjoys reading and studying, the reason he picked his Subclass.


Out of order


Out of order

Overskill Edit

By combining his racial skill Lore of Ritual and his skills as a Magic Scholar he was able to create a new casting system. It is called Runic Casting and it allows Shadow to cast his Sorcerer's skills using runes. At first, he thought this was useless and he didn't use it but then he discovered that he could rearrange the runes of the spell to change its power or the way it manifested and also he can also add runes to his spells to add or magnify effects,