Rose is a Human Pajé-Alchemist and among those trapped in the MMORPG Elder Tale. She was in the South and Central American Server at the time of the Catastrophe. She is a member of the Kids of Mayhem Guild. 

She is very interested in learning how the world of Elder Tale works, and often applies her methods and knowledge to conduct various experiments that improve on the current understanding of the laws and limits of Elder Tale. It is due to the various discoveries she has made that elevated her to one of the most sought-out Alchemists on her server. 

In the real world, she is a French 19-year old girl named Rose Choi attending École Polytechnique. Unlike many of the other players, she is only a casual gamer. 


Compared to her real-life body, Rose notes that she is slightly taller and slimmer in-game than in real life. She stands at average height and average weight, with light skin covered in various magic runes. She has hazel eyes and wavy black hair that falls to her ankles. 

Because her skin-runes need to be exposed to take effect, she wears minimal clothing. Her typical outfit consists of a cropped white shirt and high-waisted shorts, while a silky veil is draped around her shoulders. She wears a distinctive witch's hat and various accessories. 

She typically carries a staff, small weapons, and a bag of herbs (since she is a Pajé), along with other magical devices. 


Rose is independent and self-assured. Her quick wit and sarcastic sense of humour makes her a charming individual to talk to, but dull conversation will often bore her into getting lost into her own thoughts. Thus, coupled with her composed and calm nature, she may come off as quiet and reserved, but a witty repartee will truly demonstrate her playfulness and intelligence, characterized by the slow, subtle hint of a smile. 

She shows little motivation when it comes to social situations and cares little for what other people think of her. On one hand, this makes her reserved and mysterious. However, Rose will often have little tact in saying sensitive manners and may not be the most loyal and caring friend.

She is known to be extremely curious and inquisitive, strongly compelled to discover the rules and workings of Elder Tale. She is a problem-solver and logistician, rarely ever complaining but instead, immediately working to solve any issues. 


Magical EngineeringEdit

Rose combines pre-existing knowledge of chemistry and physics and magical aspects to to create various new potions, poisions, and substances that were never originally in the game through her subclass as an Alchemist.