Raynesia Corwen is one of the two Lords of the fan-made crossover game, Log Horizon: The Sacred Stones, replacing Eirika. She is one of four children of King Feynail, and the third-oldest after Risselthea and Krescentius, with Iselus being the youngest.


When Renais is attacked by Grado, King Feynail makes Raynesia and her handmaiden, Elissa, leave the castle with one of their cavaliers, Shoryuu. After they leave the castle and send Shoryuu ahead of them to contact Frelia, they are met by Mizufa Trude, a general of Grado. In order to protect Raynesia, Elissa attacks Mizufa, but gets hurt in the process. After exchanging blows, Elissa grabs Raynesia and heads on to Frelia.

As they are about to cross the border between Renais and Frelia, they are attacked by a small troop of Grado soldiers led by Rikopin. Elissa gives Raynesia a Rapier, and together, they defeat the fighters and head on to Frelia. However, once they are right outside of a border castle, they realize that it is being attacked by soldiers of Grado led by Gyunyu, and that Pianississimo, Raynesia's friend and the princess of Frelia, is being held hostage. They defeat the soldiers with the help of Shoryuu and Dinkuron, a Knight of Frelia.


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