"Brother, I have 99 problems... and YOU are EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!!!"

— Perrina, to Ilgis

Perrina is the younger sister of Ilgis and a Hwarang with the special title subclass Hundred-Man Slayer. Rumors say that 99 of those kills were Ilgis, whom she is easily irritated by. Nevertheless, she tags along on his journey with Magical Men, switching between cleaning up their mess to PKing Ilgis whenever his antics become too extreme.


Despite being younger than Ilgis, she was the first one to become a fan of Elder Tale. Eventually, he began playing (if only to annoy her) and had the Diva subclass to sing songs of her, uh, glory.

Eventually, after much suffering(?), he acquired the Magical Girl subclass. The second that Perrina saw him, which was outside of a safe zone to Ilgis' misfortune, she PK'ed him. However, in spite of the rumors, she's only killed him eleven times over ten months. Mostly because she received a GM warning for stalking and harassment.