An Overskill is the usage of one's abilities after the Catastrophe in a way that wasn't intended when Elder Tale was a game, such as Real Food Preparation.

Overview[edit | edit source]

An Overskill is discovered through experimentation and using ideas from the old world with skills and abilities in Elder Tale. Although anyone can discover an Overskill, they difficult to master without either training and research (or, potentially, knowledge of the mechanics of the skill). These skills have the potential to reach the level of Global-Class magic, depending on what level of impact they have (such as Shiroe's Contract Art Ceremony can be viewed as on a Global level).

Known Overskills[edit | edit source]

Canon Overskills[edit | edit source]

These Overskills have been introduced in the published Log Horizon light novels and can be used by any character (as long as it fits them).

Name Discoverer(s) Description
Real Food Preparation Nyanta Preparing food by hand, while having the Chef subclass, will result in the food having taste and the gaining of weight. This also applied for classes such as the Brewer whose alcohol now has full taste and adverse effects.
Magical Engineering Michitaka and others Those with Production subclasses are now able to actually create fully functioning machinery and weaponry that previously didn't exist in Elder Tale. To do so they combine magical concepts and aspects with scientific ideas to result in magical technology.

Semi-Canon Overskills[edit | edit source]

Although these Overskills were not introduced in any official Log Horizon publications, they have been shown on Mamare's public drafts. No permission is needed to use these.

Fan-Made Overskills[edit | edit source]

  1. These Overskills have been created by members of this Wiki. Please ask for permission before using it on your own characters. Any Overskills in green means that they are free to be used by anyone.
Name Discoverer(s) Description
Free Writing Unknown Any Adventurer with the Sigilmancer or Runemaster subclass is now able to learn about their writings. By doing this they are able to create new, unique symbols with varying effects and chain them together for even stronger effects and more possibilities.
Song of Faded Nights Lerafele
Glorious Radiance Blue Tiger Glorious Radiance is a healing skill that combines both Sanctuary and Aurora Heal. The art makes the warrior Blue Tiger the center of Sanctuary. This turns all the ground around him into sacred ground. Not only that, but anyone who is next to him and bathes in his sacred light will also be healed. .
Armordar Thunder In the Deep there is no natural light and as a result sound, night vision, and sonar are the only ways to know where something is. The drow and other monsters can see in the dark ,but certain races do not have Darkvision and as a result they can be easily ambushed. Thunder, a member of the races that did not have this bonus ability figured out how to use the sound of his heavy armor to work like sonar. This allows him to detect creatures and obstacles without being able to see. .

The more people in heavy armor the more effective it is.

Offline Play 5tray Because of his familiarity with both the online version of Elder Tale and the offline version of Elder Tale; 5tray is able to shift his reality between an "online" mode — where he is able to perceive, be perceived by, and interact with other adventurers — and an "offline" mode — where he is unable to perceive, be perceived by, and interact with other adventurers.

It's incredibly useful against adventurers; unfortunately, in exchange, it's completely useless against landers and monsters.

Hekate Casting Daiki
Aura Transfusion Kaito
Wheel of Assassination Zeiren
Grand Master Gao At its core, Gai can overwrite certain parts of a chosen skill, re-creating it into something entirely new. He cannot change the values of the skill, such as damage or special effects, but can change how it will be used. He can easily bypass special skills that are locked with a requirement, the easiest example being those that can only be used if a Shield is equipped, by simply using it with his double handed sword. It usually requires experimentation on his part in order to make full use of this Overskill, as most of the time, the skills simply won't work. Should he succeed, the skill's name will change.
Grimoire Écriture Felix
Jack of All Trades Felix
Nature's Calling Katherinn Verloss
Destiny's Scent Katherinn Verloss
Overclock (Oubaakurokku, オーバークロック) Wolfgang T. Cain By manipulating his own HP, Wolfgang discovered that you are able to increase the parameters of a certain physical trait in parallel with how much HP was used. With it a skilled user to lift superhuman amounts, and feats that are simply beyond the limits of the body.

An important note is that HP doesn't necessarily have to be lost in the process, but it requires inhuman control to be used in situations such as combat (read: you can't do this unless you ask me and justify it). However in situations such as with archery it is entirely possible, but normally the loss will be minimized, not negated entirely.

Danu Praesidio Caeruleus Cathedra A simple idea which Caeruleus developed shortly after the Catastrophe. It applies the idea that spells have force behind them and that force varies with level to the battlefield. With it he is able to counter any attack that he has an attack with similar enough strength, such as blocking a Samurai's attack with a simple spell.

However, it's true potential is in the fact that spells/skills don't normally hurt the caster. With this idea Caeruleus is able to create an armour (which he calls Danu Praesidio: Mars Armatura) of sorts of spells, which he can upgrade at any given time with additional spells. While not necessarily a good defense in comparison to that of a Guardian (as it offers no additional health or protection once it is breached and is reliant on MP) it is still a foil to his class' low health and armour.

It also possesses a level of offensive capability as, if Caeruleus is to strike his opponent while Mars Armatura is active then he can damage them due to contact with one of his spells. This allows him to have abilities similar to a Monk in a sense, although it wouldn't be wise for him to use his armour in such a fashion.

Blood Awakening/Blood Suppression Wolfgang and Tadashiikeiro (independently discovered) An Overskill only available to Blue Bloods, it is the process of using awakening their inhuman side or suppressing their humanity (both have very different results, although both result in a change). If they are to awaken their inhumanity then they can take on aspects of their otherworldly ancestor, allowing them to enhance their abilities and use ones they wouldn't normally be able to. The other process is suppressing their human side, which results in them instead losing their minds and form, swapping them for that of their more powerful ancestors and allowing for great power (although in the end, they are still are mortals and are incapable of truly transcending).

The effect gained through the use of this Overskill varies with the purity of the blood and the being it originated from. For example, it will be at its strongest with an Adventurer who has earned the Subclass as they are a first generation hybrid, as opposed to a Person of the Land who has a dragon ancestor. The other determining factor is what the being itself was, as if it was a dragon then they would develop draconic attributes, as opposed to a god where they would develop a particular area of influence. The outlier to this is if the person is related to the royal family, in which case they would have greater charisma and rights, gaining no combat related abilities.

Neo-Gaslight Rebirth Skylark Rue Through the combination of her Summoner Class and her Artificer Subclass, Rue was able to mix the two together, fusing her Summons with her Artifacts. Through this she is able to enhance them beyond her level and their normal boundaries, giving them attributes and abilities based off the Artifacts she implants into them.

While there is no limit of the amount of Artifacts that can be put in a Summon per se, it doesn't mean that it's a good idea to put tens of large Artifacts into, for example, an Undine. The reason for this is that many Summons have complex body structures which they require to live, meaning that should an Artifact be put in the wrong place they will die, or if too many are put in their body won't be able to cope with (too many can either result in an instant death or limiting their body's movement capabilities).

Comradeship Empowerment Felurian One of Felurian's overskills, which allows her to gain strength from her allies, or more accurately, from her party members. It increases all the stats of the user by (+1) for every member in the users party. If the users leaves the party their stats immediately return to normal. The stat boost is dependent on the users party members and for each member of the party that leaves the users stats will be decreased by (-1).
Commander Inducement Felurian Allows Felurian to control the actions of her party members. Commander Inducement allows the users, while as the leader of a party, to command their party members by giving them orders to do their bidding regardless of the member's thoughts and emotions. Commanded party members gets an increase of (+2) to all stats until they leave the party or is killed.
Berserker Monk Stance Subaru It makes the user Fired Up for 60 seconds. During this time it has a 70% chance to restore 20% of maximum health every 5 seconds and a 70% chance to increase damage by 20% of maximum damage every 10 seconds for 3 seconds. If health is below 15% at the time of activation or during its duration health is reduced to below 15%, it will rapidly restore 10% of the health per second for its duration; however during this time all additional increases in damage will be neutralized.
Mixed Senses Parcival98 This skill consists in a connection between the avatar's perception system and one's mind perception skills such Synesthesia. It allows the character to sense things in different ways than the regular, like to sense the smell of an upcoming dangerous spell, to hear buffs as sounds or music, feel aches or itchys with others approximation or to see stats or level differences as colors. It can be used by any character whose the player has perception varying conditions such as synesteshia or colorblinding, and the effect may vary or enhace along with other sense strengthener skills, like wolf fang's or werecat's racials skills or other perceptions related overskills (for example: if a character have a overskill that allow to see elemental resistences or cooldowns).
Soul Projection Ritual Vic4r 4lp By combining Revive Skills(Kannagi Class) with sigils(Sigilmancer subclass), the user can create a projection (a ghost like image) of the "soul" of a determined fallen player or NPC. When used on a fallen player it makes a conection with the player's mind, making them aware of the surroundings and capable of communicate until they revive, then the conection is broken (The player can deny the summon if so they wish); When used on a fallen NPC(land people or monster) it Collects they remaining essence and project them, the awarenes, memory and duration of projection vary upon the amount of "soul" collected. The sooner the ritual is performed longer the projection lasts and more memory and personality it can recall, however sooner or later the projection fades and the soul is lost. Monster's projection don't present actual speaking, but since they revive naturally the ritual don't have the need to be performed right after the death of the monster, the projection fades if the monster its about to ressurrect. Vic4r uses the ritual on monsters to analyze its apearence and size in order to study it without the need to face it while alive; When used on certain itens the projection's form vary(animal, plant or humanoid shaped), iten's projection can only comunicate telephaticaly with the caster, later she discovered that when used on itens, the ritual grants to the iten's flavor text and status a npc like mind, so it can comunicate to the casters its owner name, hidden flavors, limitations and etc. However cosumable itens shows little to no response to the ritual.

In order to perform the ritual it needs to engrave on the floor and or on the subject (iten or body) especial runes. Its also needs the amount of mana to cast the "revive" Spell and to maintain the ritual active. The preparation time vary but to iten's projection preparation is shorter than that of npc projections. Other sigilmancer or healers are able to help if they are well instructed, and the more detailed the runes, the stronger the projection.

The ritual may fail if:

1- The runes aren't well drawed or erased;

2- The level of the npc, monster or iten's rank is far superior to the caster's;

3- The amount of "soul" collected aren't enough;

4- The user run out of mana.

The user's mana will be constantly drained as the ritual goes on (npc's and player's projections drains out more mana than iten's). The projection also maintain a sort of "will", so it's possible to a projection to deny answering certain questions, for example a iten may refuse to say the name of the former owner, a npc may refuse to reveal secrets of they nation and etc.

Larger and stronger ritual's versions may be peformed to summon god's or multiple target projections, if the high demands are properly met.

Royal Tamer Aria

By combining Summoner Skills with Tamer skills and true loving loyalty of both Aria and her pets Kitra and Katra, Aria unlocked this Oral Skill.

Tamed pets on death now revive at the cathedral, like an adventurer. If the tamed pet is too big to fit in the cathedral than it will revive in the nearest location to the cathedral of sufficient size to fit the creature.

Tamed pets can gain an adventurer class as their subclass with their monster class as their main class. This costs triple experience to level and half must be paid by the Royal Tamer.

The Royal Tamer gains a pet summon skill to magically transport their pet to them. This skill costs 0 Mana but takes 10 minutes of uninterrupted time cast.  As well as a banish spell that costs 0 mana but has a 10 minute recast.  Banish sends the pet to the Cathedral to which the pet is bound.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • At least try to make your Overskill make sense, as even obscure and ones can be made kind of logical through the use of the "it's magic and shit" trump card or everyone's favourite, "the weird parts are still a game." Or you can use briefly mentioned ideas like Spirit Theory, dissect a spell and create your own ideas of how it works and then apply it to your Overskill, or something unique. Just don't make it "Bro1 can make things explode because... I say so (?)"
    • Overskills also tend to be based off of manipulating some aspect of gameplay or lore, and how it interacts with a "real" world; for example, Nyanta's Real Food Preparation stems from using his max-level subclass with his real-life skills. Nazuna's Heavenly Road was discovered when she questioned why Kannagi barriers had to be set up one way, and used her knowledge that they created actual, solid barriers to figure out how to use them as pathways instead of shields.

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