Monk is a warrior class that can be selected in Elder Tale. It has only two variations, the Capoerista (South/Central America) and the Pesilat (Southeast Asia).


Of the twelve classes, the Monk has the highest HP stats but is limited to equipping light armor and incapable of using shields. It also has lower defense stats compared to weapon-based classes. To compensate for this, the class has a high evasion rate and the greatest resistance to special attacks. This allows the Monk to function as an evasion-type tank.

In contrast to the Samurai class, most of the skills that can be acquired by the Monk class have very short cooldowns, allowing them to attack continuously by using a variety of offensive techniques. Some combinations give special bonuses or trigger additional combos if performed in a predetermined order. Therefore, the Monk class has the highest and most diverse offensive ability amongst the three warrior classes, making this class popular among solo players in Elder Tale.

Sample Builds Edit

There are two main builds for the Monk.

Kung Fu Monk
Based off of a standard grappling fighting style.
An attack-and-move fighting style. This is certainly not a bad build, but personality-wise cannot sit at the center of battle (does not have the last-second improvisation to join allies). Because of that flaw, Kickers are hard to use in PT.