Mister Macho is a Viking-Magical Girl and the guild master of Magical Men.


A year prior to the Catastrophe, Mister Macho was just a regular player. That is, until he lost a bet and was forced to take on the Magical Girl subclass. However, to the simultaneous horror and amusement of his peers, he came to embrace the majesticness and pwnsomeness of this subclass.

Completely embracing his newfound role, he replaced his club for a staff and began donning what can only be described as an outfit truly befitting of a Magical Girl. He also acquired a fuzzy, winged kitten as his mascot, whom he has affectionately dubbed "Mister Meowsers." It's actually female, but he doesn't give a crap.

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Mister Meowster

Two weeks after acquiring this subclass, and traumatizing many new players, he met Opis, an excessively feminine-looking male player who also had the Magical Girl subclass. When Opis' attempts to troll Macho fail, Opis becomes Macho's dedicated follower. That was the establishment of Magical Men.

After that, the two led their glorious search for other Magical Men who would join their quest to troll and traumatize the Elder Tale population.