Magical Men is a guild consisting solely of male players with the Magical Girl subclass, trolling and/or traumatizing those who cross paths with them. As such, they have gained a bit of notoriety.


The sole requirements for joining this guild are 1) have a male avatar (and either a deep, manly voice or a soft, feminine one) and 2) have the Magical Girl subclass. The members of the guild have developed an initiation ceremony, which involves coming up with a unique transformation catchphrase for the new member as well as beautiful, majestic item names, such as ‹Cute Cuddly Club›. Upon completing those two tasks, they parade the new member about while singing a horribly off-key, unsynchronized, catastrophic version of the Hallelujah Chorus.

Some members choose to be extremely manly while wearing magical girl clothing, while others pass themselves as girls to troll people.

This guild is not stationed in one particular server, opting instead to constantly travel around. As a result, its members have classes of various servers.


Name Rank Class Status
Mister Macho Guild Master Viking Active
Opis Vice-Master Pesilat Active
Ilgis Member Swashbuckler Active