"This is a dangerous world we now live in and one that I am glad to live in. I no longer have to fear death, nor do I have to control my inner urges. I will once again rise to power and once I do the world will be mine to enjoy. So look out your filthy drow, I am coming for your heads.. .,"

— LordNoodleXIV


LordNoodleXIV is a seasoned player of elder tales. He has been playing the game since its beta lunch and has been enjoying it ever since. In the past LordNoodleXIV has maxed out over 15 different characters using 15 different fighting styles. LordNoodleXIV considers himself to be a expert at the game and as a result he decided that he was going to start over again with a new character at lvl 1 when the new expansion came out. His plan was to work his character back up to max level without any help form any old guild mates, nor any of his previous equipment. As a result LordNoodle ended up stuck in his complete noob character when the apocalypse went down.


Lord Noodle is a decent person. He is not overly kind, nor is he overly mean. he falls right in the middle. He is very slow to make friends, thought this is due to the competitive nature of the game and now the world. In real life he is also slow to make friends, but that is more due to him being a rabid gamer than his personality. Lord Noodle has a weakness for girls, as his upbringing favors him assisting them when they are in trouble. However he is also known for his fearsome and spiteful personality. So when a female, or male for that matter, screws him over he never forgets and never forgives.

With the lack of good food in the world Lord Noodle has only one great pleasure in life, battle. Lord Noodle sees battle as a sacred ritual. He always fights alone, mainly for the bones his sub class gives him, and always goes on the offensive. He gets great joy from fighting a fearsome battle down to the wire. For him it is like watching one of the animes he use to watch or many of the fighting movies. He really likes fighting with his hands as it gives him this Dragon Ball Z kind of feeling and makes him feel like a badass.