A Raiding Guild originally known for their comical name, they were still a fearsome guild who were more than able to hold their own against more respected groups. While their numbers at their peak weren't as high as guilds like DDD, they instead focused on having high quality members who enjoyed role playing a religious group who worshiped the Generalissimo as the avatar of God on earth. It was due to things such as these and the group's all-round "loose" feel to them that had a habit of deterring people from joining.

Post-Apocalypse the Holy People's Republic of Yamato (HPRY) has turned into a resistance group which wants the Ninetails Dominion's independence from Plant Hwayden's alliance. Currently they are staying in a Raid Dungeon, with them using it as a base due to its respawn point and easy farming ability, a portion of the profits being used to buy the respawn zone.

Leadership Edit

Guild Master Edit

The HPRY is led by The Generalissimo, with her being their undisputed Eternal Chairman who leads them into battle. She was subject to friendly joke about her being a goddess shortly after the guild's inception, which she took in stride, but as time went on the joke developed into a full blown mythos, much to her surprise, although she still found it very funny. After the Catastrophe the original gag was somehow lost, and the legends surrounding her were taken as true, so she emerged as something of an unwilling religious figure.

The Three Apostles Edit

A trio of generals and leaders who govern the three subsections of the HPRY, they are known for being zealous in their belief for the Generalissimo's godhood (although it is unknown if this is some sort of joke or is completely serious). They each head one of the three divisions (the Believers, the Holy Warriors, and the Followers of the Sun God), with there being large amounts of clashes about their various dogmas surrounding the Generalissimo, each refusing to believe the others are correct. Despite this they are still amicable when their beliefs aren't brought up and work well together.