Guardian is one of the classes that can be selected in Elder Tale. It is one of the two classes that has no localized versions on any server, the other being the Summoner.


With the highest defense stats out of the twelve classes, the Guardian has the ability to hold back enemies and is usually the cornerstone of the front line. One of the main roles of the Guardian is to draw the attention of the enemy and take the most damage of the group. Guardians can equip nearly all kinds of armor and weapons, but most players choose heavy plate armor, a shield, and a one-handed weapon (such as a sword, axe or mace), as this configuration best suits a Guardian's strengths and battle role.

The Guardian class supports the front line and has many skills to draw aggro. For example, the Guardian is the only class that has multiple skills for the shield as well as skills that nullify damage for a set amount of time. However, the Guardian's potential to directly deal damage is not very high. A Guardian needs high quality gear to be useful, which is one of the class' main weaknesses.

Sample Builds Edit

There are three main builds for Guardians.

The standard one-handed sword and large shield style.
Scarlet Knight
Uses a two-handed weapon with HP absorption effect with no shield, compensating for damage taken using HP absorption attacks.
  • Build with emphasis on continuous usage of skills rather than normal attacks (auto-attack). Like the Scarlet Knight build, it requires very specific equipment to use and thus is not as commonly used.

Hidden Class Advancement Edit

Like for all classes, Guardians have a Hidden Class they can advance to, after meeting very strict and specific conditions during the Mythical (24 man) Raid Quest "The Uprising" in the Land of Wen.

A unique class that grants the former Guardian increased stats, new skills and specializations, allowing them to utilize to deal massive damage. There are two branching paths that determine the style of play. Not as gear reliant as skills are more important, but their improper use and strategy can lead to an early death during battle.