Gotham (Romaji: Goutamu; Kana: ゴータム) is one of the four adventurous cities which are located within the territory of the Murican Empire.

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Much like how Shibuya was created with the intent of dispersing some of the players in Akihabara, Gotham was created with the intent of dispersing some of the players in Big Apple. However; unlike Shibuya; Gotham has a Bank, Guild Meeting Hall, and Market of its own.

In stark contrast to all of the other adventurous cities in Vinland, Gotham is not on the surface. Instead, it's underneath the surface. Specifically, it's underneath the surface of Big Apple.

Notably, a number of Big Applelites have come to refer to Gotham as either Deep Jersey (Romaji: Deipu Jaji; Kana: ディープ・ジャジ) or simply Jersey (Romaji: Jaji; Kana: ジャジ). Because Gotham is literally below Big Apple. Just like how Jersey is, on a map at least, figuratively below New York. Unfortunately for those Big Applelites, the Gothamese despise the nickname. To the point where they have come to consider Jerseyan and Jerseyite to be derogatory terms and, especially if they are pre-fixed with Deep-, fighting words!

Appearance Edit

In terms of appearance, Gotham is a seven-layered labyrinth of caves and tunnels. Because all of its caves and tunnels are saturated with the water of a subterranean river — which has come to be referred to as the Gotham Way — which meanders from the 1st layer all the way to a lake in the 7th layer, it should be viewed as an archipelago rather than as a landmass.

From the 1st layer to the 6th layer, the Gotham Way is dotted with a large number of islands and islets. While the islands may be connected to one another by a network of bridges, the islets are not. As a result, in order to travel to and from the islets, one has to take one of the many gondola that are publicly available throughout the entirety of Gotham.

Most of the islands are concrete jungles which have become overgrown with a large variety of bioluminescent mushrooms. While most of the islets are barren but stockily rocky wastelands that tend to be used as the foundation for guild halls and adventurer homes.

Gotham's structures are in the style of the Gothic Revival's architecture. With a tendency to favor height over width. Buildings are intricate and — more importantly — tall, tall, tall! And pointy. Very, very pointy.

Lastly, on the roofs of each of Gotham's laters, there is an urban sprawl that is composed of way more buildings than there are people to occupy them. As a result, each of those urban sprawls is — for the most part — a ghost town. However, a number of people have used the portals — which teleport you to the urban sprawl and reverse your gravity — to take residence in the urban sprawls.

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