Gao (ガオ Gao), is one of the numerous players who were trapped in the MMORPG known as Elder Tale after the release of its twelfth patch, Homesteading the Noosphere. He is a Human Adventurer of a Guardian-Dragon Slayer class, once considered one of the strongest players in the international scene back when everything was just a game. Gao once lead the now defunct raid guild Phantom Lord in numerous adventures and was the first to conquer every raid quest in the Western European server, which granted him the unique title, Western Conqueror (西の征服者 Nishi no Seifukusha). Individually, Gao holds the top spot in the individual rankings of his server as the strongest Guardian. During the inter-server events that followed, he distinguished himself internationally with his unique style of play when concerning his class, creating a whole new style that very few people have ever managed to replicate and even fewer to begin to master.

His real name is Ryan Byrne (ラヤン ビーン Raian Bi-n; Irish for "Raven King") of American-Irish descent that was born in the states. After the mysterious death of his mother at the age of 7, his father moved the both of them to Ireland to run the family business; a local pub with a history that was popular in the city. The sudden change in environment, coupled with the traumatic experience left an emotional scar that he never recovered from. Due to this, he never truly made any friends in school, unintentionally alienating himself from his peers with how he acted; Gao rarely spoke, kept away from large groups of people and intimidated almost everyone who met him with his stature and strength. Deep on the inside however, Gao always wished his peers would just once attempt to converse with him, besides the occassional challenge to a fight or invite him to a outing, one that didn't involve a large gang of delinquents trying to gain infamy for defeating him. It was one day that his father, secretly grieving over the fact that his son was always alone, bought him a game. He hoped that his son would make some worthwhile connections that would teach him he was not alone. Since that day, Gao has become addicted to playing Elder Tale, having discovered a whole new world; a fresh start where no one knew him and wouldn't judge him based on baseless preconceptions.

His overskill is Grand Master.



Gao, clad in full battle equipment




  • Dead Bone's Breathless Vanguard
  • Blade of the Ruined King
  • Blood Fairy's Arcane Wings