Felurian is one of the players trapped in the MMORPG Elder Tale. She is a Elf Cleric-Commander,is the guild leader of Health Guard, the largest support guild on the server. Her Overskills are Commander Inducement and Comradeship Empowerment. She is the "Captain-Commander" of the military city Aturanhon located in the Ezzo Empire.


The majority of her gear is speculated to be at level 90 and all Artifact-class. After the catastrophe she obtained 2 level 93 Phantasmal-class gear as well as four level 93 Artifact-class gear. She also possesses dozens of jewelry, most of watch are just for aesthetics.


She has mastered the majority of her Cleric-Commander skills up to level 93. Almost all her skills are at Intermediate-level, with her remaining skills at Hidden-level and a few at Secret-level; However her two Overskills are currently at Beginner-level.


  • Felurian's avatar is opposite gender body, meaning she is male in real life.
  • Felurian is skilled at one-on-one duel, and is ranked 7th best on the server.