"A Healer should stay in the back? Bah, fighting in the rear is for girls and the weak. Real men fight on the front lines. So bring it on. Come Dragon or Demon, I will crush them all!.,"

— Blue Tiger


Blue Tiger is the older brother of Black Dragon and a veteran player of elder tales. He is the leader of Deep Trouble, the guild of five players, and a well known player around the server. He was also one of the first people in Vinland to gain a Over Skill. His Oral art is Glorious Radiance, which is a skill that heals everyone around him and turns the area around him into sacred ground.


Blue Tiger is almost always seen wearing his heavy black armor. The armor is designed to look like the armor of a Evil Overlord. There are spikes on the gauntlets and black horns on the helmet. On the shoulders there is a cape made up of the pelt of a great white bear. Wen not wearing the armor Blue Tiger has a very slender appearance and nine constantly flowing white tails. His hair is as white as the snow and runs down to his jaw in a clumpy mess. His ears stick out the sea of white like two white mountains and his yellow eyes remind the viewer of the moon. His pale white skin and choice of white robes gives him a otherworldly appearance.


Blue Tiger has a fiery personality. he is head strong and determined and has a love of simply winging it. However when the task proves to tough to just rush in Blue tiger can settle himself down and think up a plan. Blue Tiger is a natural born leader and can inspire the hearts of the people around him. When Blue gets angry, he stays angry. He is slow to forgive and holds grudges easily. He values the good of his party above everyone else and at times he can be childish. he has a weakness for cute girls and a hatred for pretty boys, despite being one himself.

Fighting StyleEdit

Blue Tiger is a War Cleric in name and action. he fights on the front lines and leads his party to victory. His heavy armor and greatsword have cut down many of foes and his healing spells have kept him and his allies around though many fights. With the war priest ability Black Tiger has both Big Whirlwind Slash and Anchors Howl.