The Blade of the Ruined King (荒王の剣, Kōō no Ken) is a Phantasmal Zweihänder that is considered possibly one of a kind, having been acquired in one of the first Raid Quests of the Western European server. Despite its extremely high damage, some players having considered it broken, this sword is in fact cursed through the lore of its previous wielder and Raid Boss, the Ruined King. Gao has many times expressed that at the first opportunity, he intends to get rid of the sword, and replace it with something easier to wield.

Special AbilitiesEdit

"Pride possessed the King. It ruled his soul with an iron fist. Eventually, it ruined him. Those who wield this blade beware of the Inglorious Pride of the Ruined King."

— Legend of the Ruined King

Inglorious Pride: This Curse is one of many that plagues this legendary weapon. It represents the pride of a once glorious and honorable King. One who fell to ruin and took his people and kingdom with him to the grave. Once unsheathed, the player will not be able to receive buffs and healing from his allies and party members. He can heal himself, however its effects and duration are greatly reduced.