Assassin is one of the classes that can be selected in Elder Tale.


Of the twelve classes, the Assassin can deal the most physical damage per second. A purely offensive class, Assassins are not only masters of bladed weapons, but are also capable of wielding ranged weapons. In fact, some players prefer ranged weapons and act as rear guard support.

The range of weapons available to Assassins includes light-weight arms such as daggers, long swords, two-handed weapons, and ranged weapons such as long and short bows and crossbows. They also have the ability to dual-wield swords and daggers to maximize the damage inflicted onto a target.

This class's skills generally have long cooldown periods, and Assassins specialize in high burst damage, targeting a weak spot and killing an enemy in one hit. In addition, Assassins can apply poison to their weapons.

However, Assassins have almost no defensive skills and are only able to equip light-weight armor such as leather or cloth. Instead of blocking, this class relies on evasion for defense.

Most players who play an Assassin character take advantage of the class' stealth abilities to get close to an opponent unnoticed and then attack viciously with a high-damage skill. If traveling with a party's advance guard, an Assassin will sometimes sneak into proximity to the opponents and use less powerful skills to gradually shave away their endurance.

In addition to sneak attacks and stealth, an Assassin can also be used for surveillance and recon.

Sample Builds Edit

There are three main builds for Assassins.

Shadow Blade
Focuses on sneak attack and burst damage.
Ranger weapon build that focus on rear guard support.
Sword Dancer
Focuses on more steady damage, with Dual-Wielding weapons.

Average HP and MP Chart Edit

The calculations for this table are based on level and the average gear for that level. However, HP and MP are also affected by the Adventurer's race and sometimes by subclass.

Level HP MP Level HP MP
1 150 150 60 5466 5466
5 456 456 65 5995 5995
10 849 849 70 6537 6537
15 1255 1255 75 7092 7092
20 1674 1674 80 7659 7659
25 2104 2104 85 8238 8238
30 2547 2547 90 8829 8829
35 3003 3003 95 9433 9433
40 3471 3471 100 10050 10050
45 3951 3951 105 10678 10678
50 4443 4443 110 11319 11319
55 4948 4948 115 11973 11973