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"I Am the Hope of the Universe!"

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— Al Radil VII

Al Radil VII (アル=ラーディルVII, Aru Rādiru VII) is the current human emperor of the Ezzo Empire. A descendent of the Empire's original founder, he was instrumental in the relocation of the government to the new capital of Goryoukaku following the Catastrophe. Becoming known and beloved by the people as their Golden Emperor (黄金の皇帝, Kogane no Kōtei), he has managed to hold together the Lander government, albeit having to spend a great deal of time leading efforts to fully reestablish it all throughout its territory, as well as fending off giant attacks against his people's new center.

Despite having successfully established Goryoukaku as the new imperial capital, he initially held ambitions to reclaim Susukino, taken over by members of Brigandia shortly after the Catastrophe, though after the ascension of Silver Sword he has begun reestablishing friendly relations with the Adventurers that reside both there and throughout the Empire, though the capital currently remains in its present location. A famed warrior, Al Radil VII wishes to reach the level of the Ancient that he believes his ancestor to have been, and thus can at times be found training vigorously, occasionally even instructing his soldiers himself out of both boredom and an urge to test his own skills. An iconic emperor who is beloved by his people.

He is the eponym of the Golden Emperor arc.



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